Bison Cooler 25qt.


Need a cooler that actually does it’s job? We’ve got one that does more. We even dare say that these USA-made coolers beat every other cooler in the game.

Enter Bison Coolers. Check the specs below.

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• Fits 21 cans or 32lbs of ice

• Cantilevered rubber latches that snap open and close with ease

• Oversized rapid-release drain plugs

• Double wall, silicone gasket

• 2-inch thick, pressure injected insulation

• One seamless rotational molded

• Rope handles give a comfortable grip

• Backed by a 5-year warranty with Bison Coolers

• Did we mention that they are made in the US of A? #murica

• And our MAXX-D logo slapped on the top to boot


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